Calm Rage

Message from the President

Have you ever looked into a Tiger’s Eyes? No, not the YouTube one, but the one in real life. Now, if you haven’t seen one, I would highly encourage you to visit to the local zoo and try to make eye contact with the tiger just for experience sake.

Ok, the first time, I made eye contact with a tiger, was in Nandan Kanan Zoo, a zoo in Eastern India. It was a giant Bengal Tiger – 2-3 meters big. I was just awestruck looking at the majestic animal. But when I looked into the eyes of the tiger a strange thing happened.

–           I froze in shock.

–           I could see Tremors in my knees.

–           I was frightened, to my core.

Now, if you analyse, the tiger has a deep calm rage that it influences in the other person/victim. This is what I term as calm rage.

We are unhappy about so many things, which we need to express. We have a rage that is burning inside, a natural urge to change this world. But somehow, due to the negativism in life we just keep quiet and quell the urge

by more negative thoughts. Deep within there is an emotional un-satisfaction that manifests in so many ways.

Welcome to the Chadstone Oaks. I believe public speaking takes a long way in expressing those fears and frustrations and bring that leader in you. We need to grow that calm rage. With calm rage – you grow, your goals grow and finally we as a community grow. I am quite excited to introduce you this brand new edition of the Chadstone Oaks Newsletter. We are starting this initiative and the team (Especially VPPR Eunice) is quite enthusiastic in presenting this newsletter to you.

  • New Updated Website with Blogging Feature.
  • New Projector Purchase (LED 10K Lumens)
  • Awards/Recognition Programs
  • Re introduction of Induction Ceremony
  • Successful Club Program, Better Speaker Series – List of Educational
  • Easy Speak for Speakers Management
  • Club Newsletter
  • Membership Initiative

The club is on track with its initial goals 2 Competent Communicators (Ansuman, Venka) and 1 Competent Leader (Ansuman). We are trying to exceed our goals and hoping to achieve 3 more CCs by June (Eunice, Wasu and Rekha) and one ALB (Ansuman).

I highly encourage everybody to participate in our programs and provide feedback to the committee. A special note of thanks to the beautiful committee members who are giving it their all. (VPM – Venka, Treasurer- Wasu, VPPR – Eunice, Secretary – Rekha, VPE-Sam, SAA-Jamie).

Thank you for your commitment and “Namaste”.


—by Ansuman Roy

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Meeting Details

When do we meet?

1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month at 19:30
Where do we meet?

Conference Room,
Phoneix Park Community Centre,
22 Rob Roy Road,
Malvern East 3145
(Entry via Children Play Area)